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Montana Morsels is a natural pet food company out of Whitefish, Montana. They tasked me with creating the entire Montana Morsels brand through logo design, package design, web design, market positioning, and brand framework. 

 When Montana Morsels came to me they were a name and a product. Through market research, collaborative brainstorming, design sprints, and multiple concepts I designed the logo and packaging for 3 flavors of natural dog & cat treats.  

After creating the Montana Morsels brand, I created multiple mockups to be used across the website and social media.


I designed a sticker for carton packaging of Montana Morsel's, Better Than Broth. 

Before arriving on the official package design, I created three concepts as a starting point for the client to choose from. 

Check out my initial package design presentation for my client, Montana Morsels. 

Screen Shot 2023-09-08 at 2.49.51 PM.png
Montana Morsels OFFICIAL PACKAGE  DESIGN -01.png
Montana Morsels OFFICIAL PACKAGE  DESIGN -04.png

I designed a branding kit for Montana Morsels for their team to use across all platforms to help create brand consistency. 


A branding kit is the physical representation of the brand, while the brand positioning is the verbal representation of the brand. 

Check out the brand positioning and framework I developed for Montana Morsels.  

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